Giving Opportunities
 Fund NameDescription
Gift FundA general fund for accepting donations that are non-specified - covers annual budget expenses.
TBK FoundationIt is the goal of the TBK Foundation to create permanent funds that will help to ensure the vibrant future of our Temple. The synagogue, a pillar of Jewish life, serves to sustain the spiritual, teach the ethical, and support our cultural values from generation to generation, lídor vídor.
Arthur Altman Children of Israel Memorial FundEnables 3 to 5 high school students (or others) to receive a portion of their expenses to travel to Israel and spend a summer studying life in Israel, giving community service and teaching skills to Israeli children.
Nancy Beck Learning Lab FundEstablished for the computer lab and its ongoing support. The computer lab is highly utilized by the religious school.
Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein Society FundProvides funding and leadership for expanded and enriched programming and projects to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of our Jewish heritage, and to perpetuate the memory of the late Rabbi Bernstein.
Stuart & Betsy Bobry Adult Lounge FundTo provide for continued upkeep and renovation as needed of the Adult Lounge.
Aaron D. Braveman Education FundTo provide funds for books and materials for the teacher resource room and religious school enrichment.
Building FundUsed for repairs and upkeep of the facilities.
 Campership FundsHelps with scholarships to Camp George and other Jewish camps.
• Ann Margaret Taylor Memorial FundAn annual award to a TBL affiliated student of architecture or the fine arts attending an accredited college
• Ben Leve Campership FundFunds something for the benefit of children: nursery school, religious school and camp scholarships, as well as other youth-related programming.
Dorothy M. Cohn InstituteMaintains a youth institute for the purpose of instilling knowledge of and dedication to Judaism as well as loyalty and service to the congregation.
Bertha O. Cravets Library FundUsed to buy books and materials for the library, and funds the position of librarian.
Debra Lynn Memorial FundSupports a memorial youth seminar - to enhance and enrich Judaism and the Jewish way of life for the youth of TBK.
Joanne Diamond FundProvides honorariums to professionals providing in-service training for Temple school teachers.
Paul Dworkin & Family Memorial FundEstablished in the 1960s to create and sponsor a Jewish Camp Institute aimed at 10th - 12th grade students.
Endowment FundThe interest income from this fund provides operating funds in perpetuity for TBK. The donations remain invested; the earnings on the investment provide funds for whatever is deemed necessary.
Harry Ettlinger Endowment FundProvides for the faculty of the religious school to further their enrichment as Jewish educators.
Bert & Mollie Falk Music FundThis fund sponsors an annual music festival and different guest musicians throughout the year.
Ben Goldstein FundToward expenses for High Holy Days, Provides funding for various TBK seniors events.
Lily & Kalman Haber Judaic Studies FundCan be used for scholarships for members in good standing or their dependant children.
 Israel Scholarship Funds
• Lester & Ethel Levin Memorial Youth Pilgrimage AwardAn Israel scholarship program.
• Rabbi Judea B. Miller Israel Scholarship FundIn memory of Rabbi Miller, for the purpose of providing scholarships for children to go to Israel.
• Eric J. Roth Scholarship FundProvides an annual scholarship for a high school student to study in Israel.
Jewish Art FundTo provide art in the temple building.
Liheyot FundProvides a source of funds for projects or programs related to accessibility, instruction or education concerning disabilities.
Clifford N. Lovenheim FundProvides an annual scholarly lecture series
Museum FundUsed for upkeep, programming and occasional purchases.
Elliot & Fayga Press FundUsed for speaker fees and continuing education.
Senior Rabbi Discretionary FundsEach Rabbi may use their fund for whatever purposes (s)he desires. May be used to make donations to organizations the rabbi considers worthwhile, bringing in special musical or spiritual guests for programs, etc.
Assistant Rabbi Discretionary FundsEach Rabbi may use their fund for whatever purposes (s)he desires. May be used to make donations to organizations the rabbi considers worthwhile, bringing in special musical or spiritual guests for programs, etc.
Stephen Rosenberg Memorial FundProvides programs designed to enhance and enrich Judaism and the Jewish way of life for members of TBK.
Bessie & Louis Spector Music FundSupports music programming which is designed to enrich and enhance Judaism and Jewish music.
Jeannette G. Wilburn FundProvides funds for Senior programming for the needs of our aging congregants. The fund helps with transportation, refreshments, materials, etc.
 Youth Funds
• Florence Rothman Fisher Creative Service FundUsed for enhancing the religious school program.
• Harold G. Movsky Memorial FundIn memory of Harold Movsky, longtime educator at TBK. Used to support educational activities.
• Elizabeth Schwartz Fund for Education & Youth ProgrammingSupports youth education and programming and enhance religious school activities.
• Horace & Ruth Wolf FundFunds a book prize for an outstanding student in the religious school.
 SisterhoodThese funds belong to the TBK Sisterhood under the umbrella of TBK. Sisterhood supplies and provides funding for many worthwhile TBK projects and events. Questions should be referred to Sisterhood.
• WRJ/Sisterhood Floral Fund
• WRJ/Sisterhood Belle Rose - Beck Bernstein Fund
• WRJ/Sisterhood Liheyot Fund
• WRJ/Sisterhood YES Fund
Religious School and Religious School Scholarship FundUsed for enhancing the religious school programming and providing scholarships to students/families who would otherwise be unable to afford the religious education.
Social Action FundUsed for enhancing Social Action projects/activities.
TBK BrotherhoodFor Brotherhood Activities
TBK Youth FundUsed for enhanced youth group programming.
TBKers FundUsed to supplement TBKer dues to increase programming opportunities for TBK seniors.
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